Reading On The NYC Subway

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You know what I love about reading? You can read anywhere.

You don’t need electricity. You don’t need a DSL line. You don’t need a chair or a blanket or a cup of coffee.

All you need is a book and somewhere firm and steady to place your two feet. As long as you have that, you can read.

That’s why I LOVE the blog I’m posting about today (notice the all caps…that means I really LOVE it).

The Underground New York Public Library Blog is simple–it’s a photo blog, a visual library, of people reading on the New York City subways. How cool is this?

We need something like this in Nashville, although we don’t have a subway, and people sing more than they read.

Anyway, if you don’t love these photos, you don’t like reading. Here’s a few sample images, with permission granted from the Underground New York…

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