dimamma(non)ceneunasola#6 – SEGNALAZIONI

by  Redazione

Call for Papers – University of

Glasgow workshop

Workshop Two: Mammismo: The Emergence of a National Stereotype (Glasgow, Scotland, 5-6 October 2012)

This workshop will be devoted to interdisciplinary debate on maternity and representations of motherhood and the mother-son relationship in Italy in the period between 1945 and the 1980s. An important focus of this workshop will be an examination of the emergence of the ‘invented tradition’ of mammismo, which, according to Marina d’Amelia (La mamma, Il Mulino, 2005), first appeared in the immediate postwar years. All papers will be short to ensure plenty of time for discussion. We welcome paper proposals from all pertinent humanities or social science disciplines (including history, gender studies, Italian studies, art history, sociology, literary studies, psychology, anthropology and film studies).

Speakers will include: Dr Penelope Morris (University of Glasgow), Prof Silvana Patriarca (Fordham University, New York), Prof Joyce Antler (Brandeis University). Also present, as part of the core advisory group: Prof Chiara Saraceno and Dr Lesley Caldwell, Prof Perry Willson (University of Dundee), Dr Kate Mitchell (University of Strathclyde).

A limited number of additional places are available for those who would like to present a short paper (15 minutes) at this workshop.

Some further places are available for persons wishing to attend the workshop and participate in the debate but without presenting a paper.

There is no fee for the workshop but numbers are limited. Those wishing to present a paper should send an abstract and the title of the paper plus a short c.v. to: Emily Ryder, La Mamma Project Administrator (lamammaitaliana@gmail.com) by 31 August 2012. Those whose papers are not accepted (numbers are limited) may be accepted to attend the workshop without presenting. A bursary is available to fund the travel and subsistence expenses (up to a maximum of £250) for one postgraduate student. The student must be enrolled in a UK university. If you wish to apply for the bursary please contact Emily Ryder.

If you wish to attend only to participate in the debate, but prefer not to present a paper, please send a short c.v. to Emily Ryder, La Mamma Project Administrator (lamammaitaliana@gmail.com), by 31 August 2012.

This is the second of four workshops. Calls for papers for subsequent workshops will be available in due course.


“Tra tutti gli stereotipi che segnano l’identità italiana, ce n’è uno eterno e indistruttibile. La mamma o, meglio, il mammismo. La tirannide della grande madre mediterranea. Salvifica ed opprimente, protettiva e persecutoria, accecata d’amore e perciò pronta all’intrigo, tutta sentimento e niente ragione, in ogni caso debordante.

Con una vittima, privilegiata e consenziente: il figlio maschio.”


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