How to Win at Mother’s Day

Some of you might remember that two years ago Craig bought me an axe for Mother’s Day. For those who are gaping in horror at your laptop right now, here’s me using it:


And…I loved it. That wasn’t my only gift, but it was the only one I asked for. What? Axes are awesome! Anyhoo, Craig always wins at Mother’s Day because he bothers to think about what I might like and does that. He either gets me exactly what I ask for or drops a surprise that is specific to me.

That’s how it is done, fellas. Please make a note of it.

Until you reach shopping level:pro like Craig, I’m here to help. My benevolence and loathing of awful gifts knows no bounds. So I’m revamping my favorite online shopping sites from last year. There’s going to be a couple of nips and tucks and a complete removal…

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